Improving Your Push-Ups by Chinky Tanseco

To tell you honestly, the Push-up is one of the movements that I never really enjoyed doing at the box. But I’ve been finding ways this ECQ to improve on this movement just to keep me in shape. The best way to improve push-ups or any movement is to practice them. Luckily, this workout can be done in any place at your home. If you have light weights like dumbbells or kettlebells available, you can also add bicep curls, arm presses or tricep extensions to build-up the muscles you need for this movement.


Warm Up

Start by warming-up your body with some plank holds.

Plank holds are important in developing strength and stability needed in the shoulders, core, back and chest.

You can start with a straight-arm plank and hold for as long as you can, depending on your current strength and stability for 4 sets with 2 minutes rest in between. 


Push-up Progression & Technique Practice

I start with the basic push-up workout and focus more on keeping quality reps. I always make sure that my core and glutes are tight.


Place your knee on the floor or mat and position your hands shoulder width apart on the ground. Slowly lower your torso and push-up while keeping your core tight. 

When you’re up for the challenge, you can increase difficulty by doing TEMPO KNEE PUSH-UPS or NEGATIVE KNEE PUSH-UPS. Do the same position as the knee push-up but slowly lower your body to the ground (count 3-5 second until you reach 1 in above the mat or floor) then explode when you push-up.

You can do 10 reps with 3 sets a day and slowly increasing difficulty to other push-up movements.


Here’s a quick workout you can do to improve your push-up:


Straight Arm Plank

Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes

Hold a Straight Arm Plank for 30 secs & rest for 30 secs


3 sets 

10 reps Knee Push-up or Tempo Knee Push up

*Rest in between sets


5 rounds

30 second forearm plank

10 reps box dips