Life Amidst the Pandemic by Kristen Lim

In a few days we will be entering the second half of the year and what we know as normal feels like ages ago. The pandemic has changed our regular routine. My regular routine used to be wake up, coffee, coach and train. Now it’s wake up late, coffee, computer and workout.

I’m sure a lot of your body clocks have also been affected by the sudden lifestyle change. Your diet might have also changed by the sudden presence of the kitchen 24/7. So where do we go from here?

I train competitively whole year round. My only break time would probably be December when I spend most of the month enjoying time with family rather than inside the Box. Knowing that this pandemic has affected my training and competition calendar, how do I keep my mindset intact especially when It is easy to drown oneself in the thought that things will never go back to how it used to be and end up in despair? I keep myself busy. 

I do my daily WODs despite not being able to go to the Box. I make an effort to do as much as I can with the equipment that I have at home. You will be surprised by the endless workouts that you can do inside your home with just a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell, a medicine ball, an abmat, a rowing machine and two pieces of exercise mats. It is still possible to get a good sweat in despite the spatial limitation. Thank goodness for all the fitness equipment providers that are open and ready to serve despite the situation. Not to say that the home gym setting can ever replace the Box that we have come to know and love but it will do for now. Converting a part of our home into a haven that I can go and remind myself of the Box helps keep me and almost all gym rats out there sane during the lockdown. Keeping my body active on a daily basis also allows me to prepare it for when I can train normal again as opposed to being dormant for who knows how long.