My Journey to Fitness by Doc Jerome Diwa

My journey to fitness started more than a decade ago, way back in Medicine School. I used to be a flyweight, skinny guy back then, and so I decided to lift some weights on a conventional gym with nothing in mind but to gain some muscle mass. With no concrete plan and actual goals, I still managed to get in shape.

Due to the lack of substance and actual fitness goals on the conventional gyms, I moved from different fitness programs like cycling, mountain biking and finally, I found Functional Fitness (Crossfit). And yes, I fell in love with it. 


Why Functional Fitness? Crossfit? 

Functional Fitness, a classification of training that prepares the body for real life movements and activities, according to google. And Crossfit is one of them. Crossfit to me was the "jack of all trades, master of none" in the fitness world, why? Because a Crossfit athlete can perform well in most of the sports like ball games, marathons, weightlifting, gymnastics and what not. "You can outrun a powerlifter, and you can outlift a runner". Crossfit is everything you need to become fit, all in an hour of work-out. The programs were designed to help you perform better in real life situations rather than shaping your chest, shoulders, or biceps, you know what I mean.

I used crossfit as a cross-training when I am preparing for my road cycling and mountain bike races and it never failed me. I have been to different boxes, made friends on each of them and built a network of fitness enthusiast. I've competed several times as an athlete and despite not winning, I never felt like I was losing because a CrossFit competition is about sportsmanship, camaraderie, teamwork and drive. While we do compete against one another, the primary goal is to exceed our own efforts; winning is secondary. We cheer louder and harder for those in last place than those in first. We rally in support of someone that is struggling with a movement or making an attempt at a PR. Everyone wants to see everyone do their very best. It’s infectious, exciting, and addicting.


What are the benefits of being fit? 

Studies have shown that exercise can boost your immune system if properly and consistently done. Keeping your body in shape termed as "fitness" does not only boost your immune system, but has a lot of benefits. It protects your joints from early damage by strengthening the supporting muscles, makes your posture better, reduces the risk of sarcopenia (muscle loss due aging), keeps your proprioception and reflexes in tiptop condition. It also reduces cardiovascular diseases, reduces your weight and makes you more energetic and alert.


What are the keys to success in my fitness journey? 

During my long journey to fitness, I came to a conclusion that the key to success was actually not the fitness program, diet fad or exercise that you do, but the consistency, passion, discipline and consant hunger to improve yourself. A combination of a consistent fitness program, quality diet and ample recovery will lead you to success. Most of us fail to succeed because we want quick results and never really trusted the process. Staying fit does not come overnight. It requires patience because its a long process and needs to be consistent. 


Who am I? 

I am Jerome Diwa, a fitness enthusiast, a father of 2 kids, a husband of a beautiful wife, a full-time physician and an outdoor person who is currently addicted to off-roading and camping using a 4x4. I recently moved to the Province of Pangasinan to escape the congested urban life. With limited equipment and a full-time job. I still manage to stay fit with bodyweight movements and calisthenics. Despite my schedule, I still chunk in a dedicated time to train. No excuses for me. As well as for you.

I wrote this to encourage you to move and aim to become fit. Despite the schedule and responsibilities. Make time for it. It's your best investment. Better than your car, your house and your iPhone. 


So what are you waiting for? Start now.