My New Normal Training by Coach Russell Eustaquio

One of the traits which allows humans to exist is the ability to adapt. Once again, we face another event that will put our creativity and resourcefulness to the test. I have been training CrossFit style since 2008 and have had 4 years of running and weight training prior, so fitness is a huge part of my life. I co-own a functional fitness gym so I am used to having equipment at my disposal.

Now, with the advent of this pandemic, I have been forced to make do with what I have. I managed to take home a few equipment before the lockdown. A 24 kg kettlebell, a 70 lb. dball, two pairs of dumbbells at 35 and 40 lbs. and a speed rope. With these simple tools, I get a lot of fitness in. Also, with limited equipment, I get to work on my calisthenics, which I often neglect.


I am not limited to the equipment that I have though. I make use of whatever household items and furniture that I could use (my front door frame for my pull ups, my mom's old dressing table for a plyobox, empty gas tank, a large rock, a log, water containers etc.).


The possibilities are endless, being limited only by one's imagination. I think a lot of people struggle with falling in love with the barbell too much and feel lost without it. Although I've always had the mindset of training for consistency, sustainability and longevity rather than "all out, balls to the wall, training for the crossfit games" kind of mentality, I found myself focusing on my general physical preparedness more than ever since there are no competitions to prepare for. More basic movements and less of the technical stuff. I do not beat myself to the ground and have my training volume at a sustainable level, not to the point where I'll be very sore the next two days because if an emergency arises, I know that I can move fast and explosive which will be a challenge if you are sore all over. Not only do I have to modify my workouts according to the equipment that I have and my training mindset, I also had to adjust my schedule. With my daily chores, online meetings and remote coaching taking up most of my time. Similar to the old normal, only this time, at home. So until this situation we are in ends, this is my new normal.


Coach Russell Eustaquio is the head coach and co-owner of Ang Tibay Fit. He has 12 years of experience in functional training.

For remote coaching, you may text or chat via Viber @ 09189015552 and via FB messenger (@russell.eustaquio)