PlayHard started as an online sporting goods seller to now becoming one of the leading equipment providers to local gyms, functional fitness events, and home gyms in the Philippines. 

Made with grit and passion, PlayHard always strives to grow itself and go beyond sports - constantly collaborating and giving back to the community.


Quality Products & Excellent Service

Beyond providing on-hand quality products, PlayHard prides itself on excellent service. PlayHard is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction through rapid response, recognizing the needs of each customer, flexible payment terms, fast delivery and outstanding after sales service.


At PlayHard, we understand that the lifeline of the business relies on the community. That is why the PlayHard team takes every event as an opportunity to give back. We are committed to supporting the whole Philippine sports community by sponsoring events. We do this not only to give back, but also to challenge ourselves with the requirements handed to us. 


Through collaborating, PlayHard expands its product line and improve its overall business model. We believe that through collaborating, we not only enable ourselves to grow, but also create a great impact in the industry and the community.